Fiscal Year 2020 Annual Report

Project HOME
FY20 Annual Report

Dear Project HOME Community,

It’s hard to imagine that there was a time this year without the coronavirus pandemic. Many of us have experienced grief so heartbreaking, it seemed like we may not recover from it. Through it all, you have remained inspiringly strong and resilient. Project HOME would not have been able to accomplish what it has without you! You have given us all hope, and we remain hopeful because of the strength of our community. We hope that you see the generosity and strength of this community reflected throughout our Fiscal 2020 Annual Report.

As this pandemic has made housing, employment, education and health that much harder to maintain for many, our work has continued.

In March, as the city was going into lockdown, you helped us break ground on Peg’s Place, a building that will create homes for 40 new residents transitioning from life without shelter, to one with. It will include all the wraparound services our brothers and sisters need to live their best life.

We continued to celebrate the gift that is Sacred Heart Recovery Residence. A space where we can provide 15 to 20 emergency beds and 48 entry-level places to stay for those committed to recovery. During the coldest nights ahead, we will be able to open our doors as a Winter respite, like we did over 30 years ago when Project HOME first began its mission.

In June, 42 new community members moved into Maguire Residence where staff welcomed them home. Throughout the summer we began renovations on our Honickman Learning Center Comcast Technology Labs, so it is ready when we can have students back inside.

Also, in June we stood together in grief, solidarity, and action to continue our fight for equal rights, justice, and access to housing, employment, healthcare and education for Black and Brown people. We push and hope together to ensure that this fight is the one that makes a difference and truly creates a more equitable world for all.

You were there for us when we delivered our Bring Philly HOME event to the comfort of your home. You demonstrated an overwhelming outpouring of support, not just for this event but since the beginning of COVID. For our residents who needed groceries through our Grocery LifeLine and during the Holiday season to bring much needed food and gifts, YOU WERE THERE. For that we can’t even begin to express our gratitude.

You supported us even when you were hurting. When you were experiencing loss and navigating all the challenges COVID-19 sent your way, you thought of Project HOME. Your leadership and compassion have picked us up so many times during this exhausting year. You are the reason that we are hopeful for better things to come in 2021, because you showed us it was possible during one of the most challenging years of Project HOME’s history.

We end 2020 filled with gratitude for each of you. There is a light coming as we reimagine the world in 2021. In the meantime, we wish you all a happy and healthy New Year.

With warmest gratitude,



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Statement of Activities

Fiscal Year July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020







Contracts and Government Funding



Housing and Support Services


Contributions and Grants (Incl. In-Kind Contributions)



Education and Employment Services


Forgiveness of debt, net of debt issuance costs $9,393,790   Health Services $7,482,614

Medicaid/Medicare, net



Strategy and Impact Services


Program Income and Fees




Investment Income



Management and General




Fundraising and Development


Revenue and Support for Capital Acquisitions and Financing







Housing Development Expenses









FY20 Revenue Graph

FY20 Expenses Graph

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Our Donors

The following individuals and organizations have supported Project HOME financially during our 2020 Fiscal Year — making contributions of $500 or more during the 2020 fiscal year. We thank you for investing in our work to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness in Philadelphia.
We have made every effort to ensure the completeness and accuracy of this list. If you notice an error, however, please accept our sincere apologies and let us know by calling 215-232-7272 x3045.

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Our Impact

Our FY20 Infographic is available by clicking on the graphic below. You can also click one of the buttons below to get caught up on what was another busy year at Project HOME!


FY20 Infographic

FY20 Annual Report Infographic



Our Stories

A challenging year provided the opportunity to reflect on the many, many stories that have defined our work in Philadelphia. We hope they inspire you as they have inspired us.

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Fiscal Year 2020 Board of Trustees




Joanne Berwind

Kathy Z. Anderson

Joseph Ferry 1989-93

Dorothy Binswanger

Donna Boscia

Stephen Gold, Esq. 1994-2001

Richard Bogue

D. Walter Cohen

Margaret Healy, Ph.D. 2002-05

Travis Branch

Steve D'Angelo

William Harvey, Esq. 2006-09

John Connors

Robert Downing

Kathleen Owens, Ph.D. 2010-16

Jeff Cook

Frances Egan

Debbie Fretz 2017-Present

Joan Dawson-McConnon, CPA*

Stephen F. Gold, Esq.


Pamela Estadt

Dennis Griffin


Caitlin Ferry

Margaret Healy, Ph.D.


Debbie Fretz

Lynne Honickman


William Harvey

Hyacinth King


Hank Hockeimer

Louis Mayer


Lori Lasher

Joseph Miller


Leigh Middleton

Joyce Miller


Wes Mitchell

Patrick O'Grady


Megan Maguire Nicoletti

Kathleen Owens


Marcel Pratt

Pedro Ramos


Claire Reichlin

Emily Riley


Estelle Richman

Michael Rubinger


Dr. Loren Robinson

Susan Sherman


Sister Mary Scullion*

Glenn Shively


Almeda Smith

Georgianna Simmons


Jim Smith

Gerald Strid


Thomas Walker, Jr.

Riki Wagman


Joyce Wilkerson

Lara C. Weinstein, M.D.


*All trustees are independent voting members except those marked with an asterisk.

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