The Room of Hope

Sister Eileen Sizer, Living Room Coordinator at the Hub of Hope
Mr. John regularly plays his guitar, Lucille, for members of the Living Room at the Hub of Hope in Suburban Station.

“The Living Room is a place where you move from feeling like America’s Most Wanted to being REALLY wanted.”

During 2020, a distraught gentleman was leaving The Living Room for the day and I begged him to hold onto a little hope in his precious heart. He walked away in silence with his head down. Getting to the door he turned and faced me saying, “I’ll be back tomorrow for a little more hope.” 

People often come into The Hub of Hope and ask, “What is the Living Room Program?” Basically, it’s a group of men and women with many needs and many gifts. We all value safety and respect, agree to work on goals, and form relationships which have resulted in a community of friends. But perhaps some better descriptions come from the members: “it’s a sanctuary,” “it’s like a refreshing gas station,” “it’s a place where you move from feeling like America’s Most Wanted to being REALLY wanted,” “it’s an oasis,” “a national treasure,” “a breath of fresh air,” “a tower of refuge,” “a family that talks and eats and prays and jokes,” and “it’s the only place I relax.” 

Mr. John playing his guitar Lucille to members of the Living Room in the Hub of Hope at Suburban Station.
Mr. John playing his guitar Lucille for members of the Living Room at the Hub of Hope. 

Without even knowing it, we the members of the Living Room were preparing for the challenges of 2020 since the Hub opened—just by being who we are. We already practiced taking care of each other and so we faithfully wear our masks. We already practiced respect for another’s belongings and space — so we were able to adapt to social distancing. We already built strong ties with our healthcare workers — so we trust their directions and help. And we already practiced reaching out to members both old and new — so our communications and relationships have been thriving. 

And now we are walking with HOPE into the year 2021! Perhaps that’s when we can open our doors more widely to have others like you experience us in action and you’ll be able to answer for yourselves the question, “What’s The Living Room?” And if you’re really lucky, you may be entertained by an 84-year-old blues singer who can make his guitar, Lucille, almost dance! And he has quite an accompaniment of background singers and dancers. There is absolutely no shortage of JOY and HOPE in The Living Room! 

None of us are home until all of us are home®