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Meet the Maker — Lorene Green

“I was heartbroken, I was home-broken,” says resident Miss Lorene when speaking about her life before encountering Project HOME. “They were so nice to me, they gave me a place to stay, a place to call my own. They gave me wholesomeness.” Miss Lorene had been living “door step to door step” when one of our volunteers found her at a crisis center in 2011. Of the experience Miss Lorene, who is now five years sober, says, “God blessed me, because she came.”

Meet the Maker – Brian Mitchell

Without question, Project HOME is a transformative place. But, for one Project HOME resident, the transformation has been more visible than most. Since moving in to supportive housing in April of 2014, resident Bryan Mitchell has managed to lose 50 pounds and quit smoking. Mitchell, a 50-year-old native of Sharon Hill, describes his time at Project HOME as “therapeutic.” Mitchell started out his workout routine small, building up his endurance by working out 15 minutes at a time. 

Philadelphia’s Project HOME might not be the first place you’d look to find two undergraduate business majors completing their coursework, but stop by the Fairmount-based charity and that’s exactly who you’ll find. 

Tyrice Gilmore recently celebrated his one-year anniversary as a resident at Project HOME’s Connelly House. But Tyrice has more than that year to celebrate. He has come a long way, entering a period of joy and accomplishment. A survivor of an abusive childhood and a period of homelessness, Tyrice is now focused on reaching his goals while managing his mental health and personal affairs.

When Kristin Segro decided to give back, our Home Spun Boutique was the perfect match. Kristin’s eye for design, fashionable palate, and consistent presence is an anchor at the boutique. Every Tuesday you’ll find her at her post, where she is responsible for sorting clothes, researching and pricing designer items, and organizing donations. (Her favorite part is jewelry!) “I appreciate that I can be useful in a small way for an organization that is providing service and opportunity in a very big way,” she said.

I am Project HOME | Scarlett McCahill

When Project HOME decided to launch a new Social Enterprise program, it was clear that it would require a special jolt of energy. Scarlett McCahill was the person for the job.

The folks responsible for Sister Mary's Sinfully Delicious Cranberry Sauce.

The U.S. economy is still in the doldrums, and the job market is frustratingly stingy for millions of Americans needing work and income. For those on the bottom rung of the economic ladder, prospects are slim. But Project HOME has sought innovative solutions to create work opportunities for our residents– and our own mini-economy is flourishing.

The Social Enterprise Department at Project HOME is cooking up more than just cranberry sauce.  Led by Scarlett McCahill, the department is working on turning one good idea into many.

Sister Mary's Sinfully Delicious Cranberry Sauce

Fox 29 recently visited the Free Library of Philadelphia and their Culinary Literacy Center kitchen to see just how Sister Mary's Sinfully Delicious Cranberry Sauce is made! Click below to watch the video.

For 25 years, Project HOME has operated with a singular mission in Philadelphia: break the circle of events that lead people into homelessness.

As a result, much of the focus for the nonprofit’s work centers around getting people off the streets and into homes. Project HOME has 550 units of permanent housing in the city as well as “safe haven” transitional housing for those just exiting homelessness. Over the next two years, the nonprofit plans to nearly double its capacity of permanent housing, according to Scarlett McCahill, social enterprise manager at Project HOME.


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